Japanese carmaker, Honda has revealed the all-new 2021 Honda Legend EX sedan as the world’s first commercially available car with SAE Level 3 self-driving technology. The 2021 Honda Legend EX’s Level 3 self-driving system is part of Honda’s upgraded sensing advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS).

And with SAE Level 3 technology, the Honda Legend can make choices on its own based on the situation at a particular time. The level 3 self-driving technology will allow driver’s hands off the wheel, as well as take them away from the road for a short period of time. Granted under the Honda Sensing Elite’s Traffic Jam Pilot function, the level 3 self-driving technology allows the car to keep its distance, speed, and lane position in check. The self-driving technology is also smart enough to handle lane changes on its own.


While the car is doing driving itself without any input from the driver, Honda says the driver can watch television/DVD on the navigation screen or operate the navigation system to look for a destination address. Similar to the lower Level 2 Autopilot driver-assist which is currently used in Tesla vehicles, drivers still need to be ready to take back control of the steering of the car at any moment.

If the driver decides or fails to take back control of the car, the semi-autonomous system is smart enough to take the Honda Legend to a safe stop on the outermost lane. Sadly, the 2021 Honda Legend with Level 3 self-driving technology is currently available only in Japan, because that the only country that has approved it.


At the moment, the level 3 2021 Honda Legend is going to be limited to a batch of just 100 copies in Japan. It has a starting price of $102,000 dollars.

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