The 2021 Volkswagen Golf is very affordable, practical, and most important it a brilliant driving machine. The 2021 Volkswagen Golf has a sprightly 228-hp four-cylinder engine and terrific manual and automatic transmissions, this front-driver is wonderfully speedy.

Volkswagen has ensured that this hot hatch provides nimble handling and communicative feedback. Those features also apply to its other sedan cars, the Jetta GLI. Although its traditional styling and above-average price won’t appeal to everyone, the Volkswagen Golf complementary approach to performance and undeniable versatility make it the ultimate sport compact.

The 2021 Volkswagen Golf has a 228-hp turbocharged four-cylinder which is one of the greats. Offering a good amount of power, it delivers instant response and a very solid acceleration. The clutch pedal in manual models is very easy to use, which means shifting is never a problem. But if you wish to let the car handle the gear changes, the optional dual-clutch automatic is no stoop, either. It is fast and responsive and takes corners beautifully. Most important, this hatchback is well in order and does just what you want it to do. The 2021 Volkswagen Golf reacts to steering inputs so quickly and accurately that you’ll think the car is a sentient being. Its brakes are firm and progressive on the road and are very strong on the track.

Volkswagen interiors are simple and well designed, and the 2021 Volkswagen Golf is no exception. Even though the car’s main selling point is its agility and driver feedback, shoppers can still outfit their hot hatches with some of its few luxury features. Assistive options include dual-zone automatic climate control and 12-way-adjustable leather power seats, but the Volkswagen Golf is very comfortable in its base guise. Four people can travel in a very comfortable way in any of them, but don’t expect huge amounts of spread-out room in the rear seats.

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