Maserati is trying to make a comeback in the automobile industry, and the new 2022 Maserati grecale should help with that mission. Slotting below the Levante SUV, this new vehicle is part of the Italian automaker’s desire to launch heavily revised models of cars by 2023. Although the Maserati Grecale is nowhere near as unreal as the new MC20 supercar, it will certainly beg to have a wider audience, one that has shown a greedy appetite for compact utility. We don’t currently have enough details about the new Maserati Grecale, but we guess it’ll borrow some parts from the similarly sized Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

The 2022 Maserati Grecale will be available with a gas engine as well as an all-electric and hybrid powertrain. While it is difficult to guess on the two latter options, we do believe the Maserati could accept a version of the turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four-cylinder that powers the base Stelvio. It is also suggested that it could feature an eight-speed automatic transmission and rear- or all-wheel drive. The Maserati features will likely try to conciliate people who enjoy having their luxury dish with an extra helping of performance.

Maserati is well known for combining large amounts of both luxury and performance into its particular vehicles, which should continue to be the case with the new 2022 Maserati Grecale. We haven’t had a clue on what the interior design will look like, but we’re confident it will look like the brand’s affluent aesthetic. That means luxurious materials and lots of expensive amenities will be added to the vehicle. Occupants should have enough room to be comfortable as long as those at the back aren’t too tall. The Maserati also is among the most capacious crossovers in this class.

Every solid luxurious crossover has a touchscreen infotainment system and popular connectivity features. We expect the new 2022 Maserati Grecale to follow the same footstep by offering standard features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as desirable options such as wireless charging and an audio system.

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