Mercedes is hosting a premiere today by revealing the next-generation 2022 Mercedes C-Class sedan (W206) and wagon (S206) after several teaser images.

The new 2022 Mercedes C-Class is the latest of the downsizing and electrification trend to meet tougher emissions mandate, forcing Mercedes to cut over four cylinders from the AMG C63 and about two from the AMG C43. This new generation of vehicles will be completely offered with mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid gasoline and diesel powertrains linked to a nine-speed automatic transmission.

The renovated C-Class will ride on the same policy as the flagship S from where it will inherit the second-generation MBUX with a huge touchscreen covering most of the standard controls. The exterior styling of the 2022 Mercedes C-Class will be heavily inspired by the W223, much like was the case with the previous generation of C-Class.

Air suspensions are offered only on the plug-in hybrid models where it’s expected to come as standard equipment. The vehicle will come with a rear-wheel steering system, but it’s not going to be the same modern setup installed in the latest S-Class.

Criticizes have been made by some for using engines co-developed with Renault, the 2022 Mercedes C-Class will have all-Mercedes powertrains with the generation switch. Another important difference coming with the W206 and S206 models is the All-Terrain imitative serving as a jacked-up, rough wagon to fight the Audi A4 All road? Last week, the company confessed it also toyed around with the plan of a four-door coupe to rival the Audi A5 Sportback and BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe, but the ideas were dropped early in the development stage.

Mercedes recently confirmed that there are no swift plans for a purely electric C-Class, but it will eventually happen as a more affordable alternative to the EQE and EQS coming later this year.

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