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The Nigeria police force, Lagos state command recently announced the recovery of 21 stolen vehicles across different parts of the state.

All the vehicles were reported to have been snatched away from the owners at gun points and some were stolen from the car parks.

The Nigeria Police Force have therefore announced that, the owners of those stolen vehicles report to Ilasan Lekki Police division, Ejigbo, Langbasa Orile. The vehicle owners are advised to report to the division above with the relevant car documents legally showing the ownership of the vehicles.

The Nigeria Police Force also added that, the vehicles will be auctioned within 21 days. So, if you are one of the owners, you need to act fast and report to the Police division above.

According to the Nigeria Police Force, the stolen vehicles are as follows: 

  1. Mitsubishi  car with registration number , BD 946 KS
  2. Hyundai car, CP 730 AAA ,
  3. Unregistered  Toyota Camry,  
  4. Volkswagen Passat, Fiat bus ,
  5. Nissan Altima ,
  6. Honda accord ,
  7. Tata indigo car,
  8. Mercedes Benz car,
  9. Peugeot  504 Car ,
  10. Nissan car , HA 50 AKA ,
  11. Dahasu  bus , BV 286 AAA ,
  12. Toyota  Rav4  APP 631 AC ,
  13. Toyota  Highlander, KRD 769 DW,
  14. Corolla car DS 256 AP
  15. Volkswagen Bus with registration number  XQ 139 EKY .
  16. Nissan car , BV 837 AG ,
  17. Honda car , CB 671 AKD ,
  18. Honda  Accord LND 274 EJ,
  19. Mercedes Benz truck KSF 586 XC ,
  20. Honda pilot SUV , AKD 215 EY ,
  21. Chevrolet car, MUS 457 EZ ,

Others are; Ford space bus , LSR 812 XA ,Honda accord car, FKJ 945 FB , Volkswagen Passat car, LSR 335 ERMercedes Benz car AAA 414 BX.

If your car if listed above, congratulations in advance on your recovered stolen vehicle. Learn more on car driving safety tips you need to maintain your vehicle.

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