According to The International Air Transport Association (IATA), Africa recorded six air crashes in 2020. The information was included in the IATA 2020 Safety Report.

According to the report, despite the low operation rates of airlines and aircraft due to the coronavirus lockdown, Africa still recorded six air crashes in 2020 under review. The report stated that two of the accidents were critical and very fatal, both involving turboprop aircraft, also saying that this was the same number of fatal air accidents that happened in 2019.

IATA noted that the main aim in Africa is to be on accelerating the implementation of the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) safety-related standards and recommended practices (SARPS).

IATA and African Airlines Association (AFRAA) come together with the African Civil Aviation Commission (AFCAC) on a three-year safety project to offer technical support to the African air operators of different states party to the Single Africa Air Transport Market (SAATM) to make sure they achieve and maintain global aviation safety standards.

The total number of accidents reduced from 52 back in 2019, to 38 in 2020 and also the total number of fatal accidents decreased from 8 in 2019 to 5 in 2020. Also, the all-time accident rate was 1.71 accidents per million flights. This was higher than the 5-year average rate, which was 1.38 accidents per million flights, and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) member airlines’ accident rate was 0.83 per million flights, which was a very good improvement over the five-year average rate of 0.96.  crashes 


IATA noted that total flight operations reduced by 53% to 22 million in 2020 and fatality risk remained the same compared to the five-year average at 0.13.

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“With a fatality risk of 0.13 for air travel, on average, a person would have to travel by air every day for 461 years before experiencing an accident with at least one fatality.