Batteries are definitely one of the least popular of all auto components. But a car battery is as important as the fuel that powers the vehicle. A faulty car battery can affect important trips such as wedding ceremonies, business meetings, or any casual drive around your neighborhood. So it is advisable to choose the best car batteries when making a purchase. Below is a list of the best car batteries you can find in Nigeria.

AGM Batteries

Absorbed Glass Mat batteries (AGM) are definitely one of the best car batteries in Nigeria because they are very light, spill-proof, have a low internal resistance, deliver high currents and more essentially, it is very durable. In past years, Lead Acid batteries are commonly used worldwide, but now Absorbed Glass Mat batteries are one of the best car battery types in the Nigerian market.

Diehard Car Batteries


The Diehard car batteries are the battery that doesn’t give up easily that means they last very long. They are marketed by Advance Auto Parts, this battery brand is created to outlive the vehicle’s powers. Diehard batteries have been available since 1967 and have been moved to different owners over the years. One thing that hasn’t changed in the battery is the durability. You can get a diehard battery in Nigeria for as low as ₦45000.

Odyssey Car Batteries


Odyssey is one of those brands under EnerSys. Odyssey car batteries are twice powerful as the average lead-acid battery. The battery also has double the life of ordinary lead-acid batteries. Odyssey battery is used in normal vehicles and heavy-duty vehicles as well. The Odyssey car batteries have been in existence for about 25 years

Solite Car Batteries

Solite is a worldwide recognized battery manufacturer with a good reputation. Their market superiority and high-quality accomplishment are well proven. Their different battery parts and models are designed to meet different driving demands across different countries. You can get a Solite car battery in Nigeria for as low as ₦50000.


Optima Car Batteries

Optima batteries have good cranking power. They charge very quickly and have low internal resistance. Its redtop model is a good replacement battery in case there is a need for a new battery. With a minimum of ₦50000, you can get an Optima car battery in Nigeria.

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