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The year 2019 has been an awesome year for the Mercedes brand, as it records high sales volume for her Benz passenger’s car. The brand ranks as one of the best selling car brand in 2019.

Mercedes Benz

Being one of the best selling car brand in 2019. Daimler automotive company reported to have sold 2.34 million units of Mercedes passenger cars between a period of nine consecutive years of sales. On the 9th of January 2020, a representative of Daimler company ranks Mercedes Benz brand to be the best selling car brand in 2020.

best selling car brand

Daimler headquartered based in Stuttgart claimed Mercedes Benz car brand had retained the title of best selling car brand. However, BMW brand which includes a subsidiary of luxury brand like Rolls-Royce are yet to give a sales report on the number of car units sold. Thus, the BMW brand is likely to poses a great competition threat to Mercedes Benz brand in 2020.

BMW Brand

BMW as a car making group reported to have sold 2.52 million car units in 2018 to compete with Daimler’s sales report of 2.46 million units of Mercedes and Smart Cars over the same sales period.

Mercedes-Benz company reported to have recorded high sales volume in some developed countries like USA, Germany and China. Mercedes SUVs and Limousines make a significant influence on the huge number of units sold.


Volkswagen automobile brand being one of the premium luxury car brands in the global automobile industry, reported to have sold 1.84 million vehicles in 2019. Another automobile brand named Audi also reported to have sold 19,500 units of her electric powered vehicles in 2019.

Owing to the fierce competition to rank as best selling car brand in the automobile industry, many luxury car brands continues to deploy creative strategies to win a significant share of the market. The year 2020 best selling car brand is still yet to be nominated, as such one of the best brand in 2019 may still rank as 2020 best selling car brand.



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