BMW has revealed its first all-electric sedan called the BMW i4 which is expected to enter the global market this year. With its sporty looks, best-in-class driving dynamics, and zero local emissions the all-electric sedan stands out from its competitors.

The BMW i4 is an all-electric 4 door Gran Coupé, which we all expect to enter the automobile market this year, including a BMW M Performance model. The vehicle balances BMW’s typical sportiness, comfort, and sustainable performance which make it more unique.

BMW says the i4 will have the power to travel up to 300 miles on a full battery charge. Along with a battery pack that is approximately about 80.0-kWh, the BMW i4 will have a 150-kilowatt charging range that can produce up to 80% of the car’s driving range in 35 minutes.

BMW i4

In the interior, we expect the cabin to be lavishly appointed, including the usage of rose gold trim, white leather upholstery, and light wood trim. We know the vehicle will share its base with the company’s 3-series sedan, so the interior will possibly be equally as spacious. The i4’s roofline is quite dramatic.   

The new generation of BMW iDrive takes the communication between driver and vehicle into a digital world where many areas of life are getting growingly smart. The new interpretation of BMW’s operating system provides the vehicle to actively engage in its relationship with those in the vehicle and, in doing so, it serves as a digital, intelligent, and motivated partner in any situation.

BMW i4

The BMW i4 will be one of the first BMWs to acquire the company’s latest infotainment system and connectivity features, Called iDrive 8.  The iDrive 8 operates through a 14.9-inch touchscreen that is combined with a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel on a large curved display on the dashboard. 

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