Looking like a futuristic take on the cab-forward configuration, the new Canoo electric pickup reverberates the style of the company’s already revealed minivan and delivery vehicle. It rides on the same internal platform and is full of amazing features. Since the taillights are no longer be seen from behind after opening the tailgate doors, Canoo has set up a thin vertical strip of lights within the edges of the doors.

An additional feature added to the Canoo electric pickup is a sidestep that makes it easier to load or unload items in the cargo bed. Right below the built-in step, there is a cargo area large enough to contain a small cooler, first aid kit, laptop, and other items.


Moving to the front, the Canoo electric pickup has an effective fold-down worktable with stretchable sides to hold various tools needed on the worksite. If cargo space is needed, a roof rack will be available, and even a camper shell with a roof-mounted tent. Easily accessible power outlets to charge devices have also been installed.

As for the technical specifications, Canoo declared that the electric pickup has been engineered with single- and dual-motor configurations. The latter comes along with an all-wheel drive and a massive 600 horsepower and 550 pound-feet of instant torque. The battery of the Canoo electric pickup will have enough power for more than 200 miles (322 kilometers) of range, but wouldn’t be enough while carrying the maximum payload capacity of 1,800 pounds.


The electric pickup sits on 18-inch wheels with 265/60/R18 tires and has the following: 184 inches / 4,677 millimeters (with bed extension: 213 in / 5,400 mm) long, 78 in / 1980 mm (with mirrors: 87 in / 2,209 mm) wide, and 76 in / 1920 mm (with roof rack: 82 in / 2085 mm) tall.

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