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As China continues to battle with the recent coronavirus outbreak, all business activities and operations have been totally shutdown until further notice. Hence, affecting the business operations of many car brands depending of Chinese parts to assemble their vehicle products.

Nissan is one the latest company among other car brands to have temporarily shut down one of its major factories, that solely depends on China for car parts.

Nissan company will halt production till further notice at their major plant in Japan which makes the Serena models, X-Trail models and other luxury models.

Majority of car brands and companies across the globe are facing similar production disruptions. As much of China’s manufacturing and business sector remains shut down till further notice, due to the deadly coronavirus disease outbreak.

Hyundai company among other car brands also temporarily shut down all its factories in South Korea in the early hours of last week due to shortage of Chinese car parts supplies needed for continuous vehicle production.

In general, many of the world’s prominent car brands are currently dealing with a dwindling vehicle parts supplies as factories across China remain closed, and China still remains the number one supplier of vehicle parts worldwide.

China is regarded as the world’s automobile manufacturing powerhouse and a major actor of the global supply chain for the world automotive industry, making key vehicle parts and components. Hubei near Wuhan in China, where the coronavirus disease outbreak was first sited, is a major car manufacturing hub center in China.

Many car plants across China were due to partially resume operation on Monday 10th of Feb, after the extended Chinese New Year break due to coronavirus outbreak. Some factories resumed production, while some others remained locked-down due to local authority restrictions, laws and absent of workers.

Many car brands expects to resume production in China depending on the government policy before 17th February.

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