car buying tips

Checking out car buying tips could be a great way to start a car hunt. Buying a car can be cheaper if you consider buying a used car from a private seller than going to a car dealer salesman. Although, there are many risk and precautions involved in buying a car from a private seller. While buying from a trusted car dealership brand tends to be safer, as the brand already has a reputation to protect.

In this post, we highlighted five car buying tips for protecting your interests when shopping for car online from a private seller.

1. Prior Pricing and Negotiations

One of the great cars buying tips from private sellers is that, they’re more open to negotiation than car dealership. Most of the car dealership brands already have an established price for every car in their lot, and they always expect a good deal above their established price. Also, its worthy to note that online private sellers have little to no overhead expenses incurred by car dealership brands. As such, private sellers have a flexible pricing terms and they’re more eager to sell at almost any price.

2. Check for Vehicle History Report

Upon deciding on a particular car, its is very important to request for vehicle history report to make sure it is what the seller says it is. Checking for vehicle history report is not something difficult, all you need to get that done is the vehicle identification number (VIN). You can proceed to CARFAX to get the vehicle history report with the VIN. A history report will provide full details about the condition of the car right from the main manufactures lot. The report shows all defects or modifications made on the vehicle functionality.

3. Get Your Mechanic ready for onsite inspection

Before the final purchasing decision, get your mechanic ready for onsite inspection of the vehicle. Most especially an independent mechanic that is not in any way related to the seller. The independent mechanic can reveal the exact state of the vehicle without been bias. The mechanic can reveal some certain problems that may need to be addressed immediately on the inspection site before the final purchasing decision.

4. Request for a Test Drive

Taking a test drive is an important step in car buying tips. Although test drive can also be part of onsite inspection but if not, it is very important to take a test drive on the inspection site. No matter what, be sure to try out the vehicle’s electronic system, the air conditioning and some other necessary components.

5. Do not forget the paper documents

Upon making the final payment commitment, it is very important that you receive all the necessary paper documents. Clearly check through the documents, if possible, go with your lawyer. Confirm the documents has the correct title certificate for the vehicle, no typography errors and that the title matches the legal ownership of the vehicle. Also do not forget to ask if the vehicle still has any spare key, it is important that you get all the spare keys upon assuming the legal ownership status of the vehicle.

Congratulations in advance on your new vehicle, make sure you follow the five car buying tips above and you will be good to go. Learn more on car driving safety tips you need to maintain that your new luxury vehicle today.


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