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In recent times, car trends in the automobile industry has gone beyond being used as means of transportation alone. Many automobile brands face a huge risk of going extinct for reasons beyond the control of their management. The 21st century car users increasingly demand great car designs and luxury models. Automobile brands that are unable to adapt the changing needs of consumers fierce the risk of extinction.

Top Three (3) Brands Affected By Car Trends You Already Forgot Existed

(1) Hummer Brand (1992-2010): A semi-military truck with a heavy monstrous look. The brand appeals to the world automobile industry for more than a whole decade, before fading out as one of the most sought-after automobile brands. Although, the brands innovative capacity and financial distress problems had a lot to do with its extinction.


The rapid increase in gas price in late 2010 also contributed to the brand challenges. Also, the ever shifting automobile market trends are a key factors that wiped the hummer brand stand off the market.

(2) Oldsmobile Brand (1897-2004): A brands with more than ten decades of continuous production cant be wiped up easily. The brand has a close competitive tie with Mercedes Benz in their early days.


Though, Oldsmobile offered the first automatic transmission engine for mass production cars, and had already built over thirty million vehicles over its ten decades of production. However, the brand began to record a gradual loss of sales after the 1980s decade and was finally terminated and shut down in 2004.

(3) Saturn (1985-2010): Saturn brand was established out of a competitive interest and as a way to take a bite out of the increasing car trends, popularity and the world market share of the Japanese cars. Despite its early success in those decades, perhaps the brand was too ambitious to achieve great market share and soon as possible.

However, the fierce competition of the automobile industry cannot be easily overcome thus, the great automobile brands competition storm of 2008 hits the Saturn car brand so badly and few years time, exactly 2010, Saturn car brand was terminated for good.

Majority of great brands that were affected by the recent car trends was not as a result of bad production or substandard car quality, but majorly due to the shifting market trends and ever dynamic consumer needs, making the automobile industry one of the most challenging business environment. Currently, great car brands like Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Lexus, Lamborghini, Range Rover and many others are still gaining a consideration market share and that still doesn’t guarantee their existence in the next decade to still be relevant in the competitive automobile industry. For more amazing automobile news and trends, you can read more about autoroyce platform.


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