Cars below #500 000 in Nigeria is a realistic statement. As more vehicles are being manufactured yearly by top car brands like Toyota, Audi, Honda, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Kia, and others, the costs of more seasoned vehicles effectively in the market is decreasing.

Today, there are numerous modest, acceptable and quality vehicles you can get under or under #500,000 or #1,000,000.

A large portion of the Vehicles you see on the Nigeria roads today are Tokunbo vehicles. Tokunbo Vehicles in Nigeria are just genuinely used vehicles which are still entirely neat and utilitarian. Somewhere else to get the vast majority of these quality Tokunbo vehicles is from Cotonou.

Step by step instructions to Get Decent Cars below #500 000 in Nigeria

The following are some summed up strides on how you can get a decent Cars below #500 000 in Nigeria with no issues.

1.           Before you set out, you ought to do careful examination and know precisely what kind of vehicle you need to purchase. You ought to likewise lead research on the normal cost of second-hand tokunbo vehicles you intend to buy.

2.           Subject the vehicle to exhaustive examination by an expert repairman you trust. Go with somebody you know is entirely knowledgeable in vehicles matters than you.

3.           Do not go to purchase the vehicle with cash. Ideally, you should utilize a record based payment system like bank transfer.

4.           You may require a specialist or somebody to take you around the Nigeria vehicle market. You can likewise oblige a vehicle seller on the off chance that you wish or you can track down a genuine one.

5.           You should have great arranging abilities to have the option to set aside some cash. Do your examination well, with the goal that nobody attempts to cheat or indoctrinate you. In the event that you are upset or persuaded about a merchant, contact another seller. There are numerous used vehicle sellers on the lookout.

6.           When you can get a beneficial arrangement, you would now be able to purchase the vehicle and get the essential paper works.

Highlights of Cars below #500 000 in Nigeria or below #1,000,000 includes

Golf 4 ₦350,000 and above

The Golf brand has truly had an effect in Nigeria. We as a whole think about Golf 2, Golf 3 and Golf 4 Arrangement.

Golf 4 ₦350,000 and above

The styling of this vehicle is straightforward yet at the same time exceptionally special. The dealing with and fuel utilization proficiency of the vehicle is something to pay special mind to. A privately utilized Golf 4 can be purchased at ₦350,000 and above.

2001 Toyota Sienna ₦600,000 and above

Cars below #500 000 in Nigeria

Toyota Sienna is one of the best family-sized vehicles in Nigeria. It is quite possibly the most cherished in the Nigerian market since its launched in 1997. It is versatile and plain. As of now, Toyota Sienna is the fundamental minivan in its specific gathering to offer an all-wheel driving framework. The cost of a used 2001 Toyota Sienna is about ₦600,000 and above

Toyota Corolla 2003 Model ₦600,000 and above

This is perhaps the most widely recognized and famous vehicles in Nigeria in this age. It has been depicted as a resident of Nigeria. LOL!

Cars below #500 000 in Nigeria

The Japanese brand raged Nigeria with the Corolla and it has been a gigantic accomplishment in the country. You would prefer not to give tallying it a shot the street as you will undoubtedly lose check. I once went to a diner and saw seven of it, of a similar tone and from various families. The cost of this vehicle is around ₦600,000 and above.

2001 Toyota Camry ₦500,000 and above

The 2001 Camry showcases sturdiness, style and mileage and can withstand extreme street landscapes. It is known for its proficient Fuel Utilization.

Cars below #500 000 in Nigeria

Later models have shown an exceptional quality, fabulous taking care of, and toughness. A used 2001 Toyota Camry model can be purchased from ₦500,000 and above

2003 Peugeot 307 ₦500,000 and above

The Peugeot brand has a set of experiences in Nigeria. Beginning from being the significant vehicles utilized by the Central Administration of Nigeria, the Nigerian Military and afterwards moving to be family vehicles, its unwavering quality has kept it as one of the most loved brands of the vehicle in Nigeria.

2003 Peugeot 307 in Nigeria

It is known for its reasonableness, dealing with and low fuel consumption. Getting a spic and span one can be extremely troublesome, however a used Peugeot 307 2003 can be purchased at ₦500,000 and above

TOYOTA YARIS 2006 ₦400,000 and above

Cars below #500 000 in Nigeria

The vehicle is branded to cause you to feel comfortable with its amazing taking care of and low fuel consumption. Toyota Yaris is Toyota’s replacement for the Reverberation hatchback. The cost of a used Toyota Yaris vehicle in Nigeria is around ₦400,000 and above

Getting quality used Cars below #500 000 in Nigeria can be a game of luck, with no guarantee or what so ever. So, ensure you don’t make any money/e-exchanges until you have examined the vehicle in a nonpartisan and open climate. Your vehicle is only a tick away from your garage!

Where to get Cars below #500 000 in Nigeria

  • Lagos
  • Port-Harcourt
  • Abuja
  • Idiroko, Ogun
  • Berger auto-market
  • Enugu
  • Uyo
  • Kaduna
  • Ibadan
  • Katsina
  • Sokoto
  • Ilorin

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