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The National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC) partners with the Coscharis Group Ltd to start a two weeks digital training of south-east youths teaching them about automobile designs. Speaking during the opening ceremony of the collaboration, the Director-General of NADDC, Jelani Aliyu, said they decided to partner with Coscharis group to impact a digital knowledge of automobile designs using Solidworks and simulation software design to enhance the automobile industry in Nigeria.


The Director of research Design and development of NADDC, Mr. F.M. Achiv urged the candidates to take the training seriously. He expressed positivity that the training would help better the Nigerian automobile industry. According to the Director, this training will contribute to boosting the country’s economy. The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Coscharis Group, Mr. Cosmas Maduka was represented by the company’s Head, Solution business for solid works, Mr. Clement Nnedu.

In his remarks, Mr. Cosmas Maduka said the Coscharis group would do everything in its power to ensure the success of the participants. He urged the youths to stay focus and stay strong in their training. He also said that the designed components by the participants would be used in Nigeria after its prototype is tested and certified. It will then be produced in bulk to meet global market standards.


Mr. Cosmas Maduka representing also looked for the federal government’s partnership in this regard. He said that as a major representative of Solidworks products and services in Nigeria, it will help boost the economy of the country and reduce the unemployment rate in the country. Mr. Cosmas Maduka said that a whole vehicle was made up of 3,000 spare parts. He also noted that if one or two of those parts could be designed electronically and it functions properly, then the inventor or designer would have written his or her name in gold. About 18 youths participated in the Automobile Designs training from the southeast zone.

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