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The Petroleum Equalization Fund Board, announced on Wednesday that, the Nigeria Federal Government has shown concern to the frequent road accidents caused by tankers conveying inflammable products. As such, the Federal Government is currently working on train schedule services to ensure safety movement of petrol, cooking gas and other inflammable products.

The Petroleum Equalization Fund Board spoke person, on Wednesday 12th of Feb. Added that the Federal Government train schedule serves as a measure to poor maintenance and frequent vandalism cases that have left many government-owned fuel pipelines and deports idle for many years, with the number of tankers conveying inflammable petroleum products on the roads increasing and frequently wreaking havoc to other road users.

The Executive Secretary of Petroleum Equalization Fund Board, Ahmed Bobboi, said during a panel session at the Nigeria International Petroleum Summit 2020 in Abuja. “We are going into railway equalization. We are currently in consultation with the Nigeria Railway Corporation, and other stakeholders, including the private sector for consistent petroleum product train schedule,”

The Executive Secretary Ahmed Bobboi, who was dutifully represented by the General Manager, Corporate Services, PEF, Mr Goddy Nnadi, said the Petroleum Equalization Fund Board was discussing with other prominent stakeholders to ensure the usage and consistent train schedule as a means of transporting highly inflammable petroleum products.

He also added that “With the improvement and rehabilitation of the Nigeria’s railway system currently under rehabilitation by the Federal government’s impetus towards making this a realistic and achievable goal. We are going to establish a consistent train schedule to make sure that gas, petrol and other highly inflammable petroleum products are made available to people in every part of the country via the safest means of transport”

The National Railway Commission Board spoke person also reacted to the petroleum product train schedule service “we are confident that the NRC Board can sustain all we have started as we resumed service after several months of suspension.

Well, that good news and a welcoming development from the Nigeria Federal Government towards creating a sustainable environment for her citizens.

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