Innoson Motors continues to manufacture and build products that meet its target market, which is Nigeria and the African market at large. One of Innoson motors latest inventions is the good-looking Tricycle Ambulance or what we all call a Keke Napep Ambulance. The Keke napep ambulance called Innoson IVM 1100 was only reviewed last year but the vehicle would get all the attention it needs this year.

Innoson says that they believe this new vehicle will make it a lot easier to move accident victims faster and quicker away from accident scenes to the nearest hospital especially considering the traffic situation across the country of which Keke Napep has been known to navigate faster.

We believe that Innoson acquired most of the parts and platforms used in the fabrication of the Keke Napep Ambulance from China.

Features of the Innoson IVM 1100

Innoson Motors built the IVM 1100 with the following features and characteristics.

  • 4 Stroke Air/ Fan Cooling (210) Engine.
  • Detachable Stretcher.
  • Oxygen Cylinder.
  • Drip hanger, Drugs storage box.
  • Resuscitating mask.
  • Breathing tube.
  • Attendance seats and Standard Life Supports Hospital Equipment.

In Nigeria, a standard tricycle goes for about ₦500,000 to ₦1 million. But the question now is how much does the Innoson Motors build Keke Napep Ambulance go for? Going by information received from Innoson motors, the IVM 1100- Keke Napep Ambulance goes for a whooping ₦2.5Million.

Innoson Motors are doing its best to innovate quality vehicles for the Nigerian market, it is now in our place to patronize the brand.  The Nigerian-made automobile manufacturers will not grow if we do not patronize them. Our hope is that Innoson motors and other Nigeria automobile brands will aim to deliver products that match the international quality and are worth the money so that we don’t have to feel cheated every time we try to purchase their products.

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