Google and Ford are collaborating together to remodel the car experience, from the way vehicles are created to the way customers shop for and then drive their vehicles.

This alliance means it will renovate virtually every aspect of the car business. This will have an influence on the vehicle’s design, how they are engineered and manufactured.

Among other things, automobilists will be able to download features they might not originally have acquired. They can also download new safety and new feature technology that wasn’t originally available.

Effectively every aspect of the auto business has been touched by technology in recent years. This alliance will depend on Google’s Android operating system and its cloud-based computing network. It is meant to take things a big step further.

The two new allies expect to make remarkable changes to the way Ford designs. It is also intended to influence its engineering. This will enhance the operation of both the parts supply chain as well as the automaker’s distribution network.

Ford and Google aim to develop a friendlier and personalized shopping experience. The experience is intended to take advantage of the flow in online car buying. The Android-based operating system will be able to monitor a vehicle once it’s out on the road. It will warn owners if there is any mechanical problem developing. It will also advise them if it’s time for an automobile checkup, even automatically set up a dealer appointment.

Ford expects to be able to modify a vehicle’s software, in many cases fixing problems without requiring an owner to bring the car in for a recall.

Ford will also be able to use the wireless system to offer other features to customers, including new smart safety technology as well as streaming entertainment content.

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