After Ford stopped the production of the US-spec Fusion last year, its European relative vehicle, the Ford Mondeo will also retire by the end of March 2022. Ford has revealed plans to put an end to the production of the midsize sedan and wagon at the Valencia production plant in Spain due to the growing change in customer preference.

The Mondeo was launched in 1993 as a replacement for the Ford Sierra, the Mondeo has made up to approximately five million sales in Europe.  The Mondeo was once a star of Ford’s Euro lineup, the Mondeo could be followed by its main rival Volkswagen Passat as the sedan version of the successful German model will also be discontinued as well. The Volkswagen Group has revealed a next-generation model, but reports say it will only be sold exclusively as a wagon. The Peugeot 508 and other models of Peugeot vehicles are also available, along with several premium sedans.


The Ford Mondeo is not going away completely as Ford is still selling the vehicle in China where it was upgraded last year with a massive 12.8-inch vertical screen. Purchasers in the People’s Republic are very much still interested in the sedans, so there’s a pretty good chance the Ford Mondeo will still progress locally in the following years.

It didn’t come as a shock to know that Ford is retiring the Mondeo in Europe, but we are surprised to know that the production of the Galaxy and S-Max minivans will continue in Valencia, Spain. The Ford Galaxy and S-Max minivan is an indirect replacement of the Mondeo and Ford Fusion, the replacements are expected to take the shape of a jacked-up rugged wagon. The Ford Galaxy has been spotted a lot of times and could debut later this year, but it still unclear whether it will keep its predecessors’ names alive.


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