Electric car technology is developing rapidly, which is necessary when it comes to protecting the world that we call home. Instead of releasing harmful substances and greenhouse gasses, electric vehicles have reduced emissions, they are energy efficient, and they also have low maintenance cost too. Electricity is cheaper than gasoline, so they are preferable and are more economical. Today, we will be taking a look at the future of electric vehicles and how they are being improved.

Better Batteries

The most important part of an electric vehicle is the battery. This is an area where most inventions are taking place. The battery life of most electric cars allows drivers to travel further and get more out of their electric vehicles. This is an ongoing improvement. The configuration of the structure of the batteries is starting to change too and new batteries could be available as soon as 2022. In order to protect the planet further, manufacturers of electric batteries are reducing the cobalt in their cells and recycling lithium-ion and nickel-hybrid batteries.

Wireless Charging

Another obstacle of electric vehicles is the time and tools required to charge them. Thankfully, charging stations have become available in public spaces and people can always get them installed at their respective homes. To reduce the trouble of charging and the worry of losing power while driving in the middle of nowhere, manufacturers are starting to work on wireless charging technology. This new invention should be available in the next few years.

Cheaper Deliveries

Online shopping is becoming very popular amongst individuals. Electric vehicles will be able to save more money on postage and packaging because they are not been affected by any of the clean air zones that are encountered in cities across the globe. These electric vehicles require less servicing and they are also cheaper to run, so are more economical. Due to the rising demand for electric vehicles, manufacturers are working hard to create a range of e-mobility applications to meet the demands and keep customers and companies happy.

The future of electric vehicles is looking bright and improvements are happening quickly and consistently. 

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