This past year, the GMC Hummer EV pickup truck came into our lives. However, it isn’t the only Hummer EV available. We’ve seen a lot of teasers, and we will get to see the Hummer EV SUV next month as the GMC said on Monday, that the second Hummer variant will be revealed during the NCAA’s Final Four basketball tournament.

Precisely, April 3 is the date the vehicle is going to be unveiled. The brand said it will start taking reservations for the SUV on the same day of the debut. We have no clue as to when GMC will start actually creating the SUV version, but it might follow the pickup’s timeline. Presently, the goal is to get the Edition 1 models to buyers in 2022, followed by less powerful trims rolling in 2024. It’s not really that hard to imagine a similar structure for the Hummer EV SUV.


While we don’t have the full details about the vehicle, GMC did speak a bit about the upcoming SUV version in November, when we all caught a peek of the vehicle during a General Motors presentation. The SUV will come along with an Edition 1 trim, like the Hummer EV pickup, and use the automaker’s latest Ultium batteries to attain a targeted range of 1,000 horsepower of muscle and 350 miles. There are still no words on if the SUV will also get the nifty CrabWalk mode, but it seems like a safe bet.


With the production of the First Edition models scheduled to start this fall, the SUV likely won’t go on sale until late 2022 or early 2023. The brand says it will have a lot more details to share later on about the Hummer SUV’s specs and on-sale date.

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