A lot of people do not know how to clean car engine compartments while most of them have never even thought of trying it out.

The car engine serves as the heart of every vehicle, its importance cannot be ignored. It is a complex machine, created with the intent of converting heat from burning gas into another energy which ease the movement of the wheels. We now know how important the car engine is and deserves to be regularly washed and be stripped of all the oil, dirt, dust, etc.

Cleaning and washing your car engine compartment may look very difficult, this article would be looking at various ways in which you can wash the engine compartment in an efficient manner while making sure nothing bad happens to the engine itself.

An important step to successful engine washing is to disconnect the negative battery terminal or cover the entire battery with a protective item. You can even have the battery removed if you’d prefer and have it replaced after you are done with the cleaning job. Water is a very good conductor of electricity, so it would be a bad idea to allow it to get anywhere near the battery.

1. Pre-rinse

A quick pre-rinse should not be underrated as it does so many necessary things. It helps push out dust and any foreign matter available in the engine compartment. A pre-rinse makes it easy for the engine degreaser (degreasers are a powerful cleaning agent that is used to cut grease, oil, dirt, and any other grime) to spread around the compartments. Lastly, a pre-rinse prevents the degreaser from drying out too soon. This is an important step on how to clean car engine compartments.

2. Degreasing

It is now time to apply the engine degreaser, you should use a degreaser instead of your regular car-wash soap because of its ability to do away with oil and grime.

 3. Scrub

Depending on how dirty your engine compartment is, it could be necessary to use a strong brush in scrubbing, especially parts like the valve cover known for being coated with oil and dirt.

4. Post-rinse

A hose would be suitable for rinsing after thorough scrubbing has been done. The entire engine compartment must be rinsed very well, leaving no trace of the degreaser left. Try not to spray water on the electrical components, ignition wires, and engine control unit.

5. Dry

A rag or towel should be used in wiping everything within your reach. Efficient drying would not only remove water but will also remove any stubborn dirt remaining in the engine compartment.

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