Pagani recently unveiled the Huayra R Hypercar in a series of social media posts. The Huayra R is powered by a naturally aspirated V-12 engine, rather than the Mercedes-AMG 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged, the V-12 engine is used in all previous versions of the Huayra. The engine was produced with help from HWA, which currently controls Pagani’s Formula E race team.

The new Aspirated V-12 engine took over two years to design and develop, and it screams to a 9000 rpm redline. The Huayra R is partnered with a new six-speed successive transmission, which was also created and designed in collaboration with HWA AG. It weighs about 80 kg and has a three sintered metal disc racing clutch. Pagani says it allows reduced shift times, maximum shift accuracy as well as a friction efficiency of 95%.


In addition to the V-12 engine, HWA created the composite monocoque chassis. It was made from carbo-titanium and carbo-Triax, with chrome-molybdenum alloy steel subframes, to keep the weight of the engine down. Upgraded aerodynamic elements in the engine, include a roof scoop and a massive rear wing, which allows the Huayra R to generate 2,204 pounds of downforce at 199 mph, according to Pagani. The Huayra R moves on 19-inch forged aluminum wheels, wrapped in Pirelli P Zero racing slicks.


Speaking about the interior, the Huayra R has a fast-release steering wheel with controls for tuning the brakes and traction control system, the radio, and other important purposes. The seats have six-point gears and they are all covered in a flame retardant Nomex material.  The model has a fire extinguishing system and also carbon fiber headrests that provide sideways protection. Production of the vehicle will be limited to just 30 units and pricing starts at $3.1 million.

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