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In recent time, the increasing number of road accidents in Nigeria has been investigated to be majorly caused by bad roads and use of faulty vehicle. Many car dealers in Nigeria tend to majorly import used cars also called Tokunbo cars than brand new cars. Some of the car dealers interviewed added that, only few people in Nigeria can afford to buy brand new vehicles.

Professionals and stakeholders in the Nigeria automotive industry have described the high influx rate of faulty vehicles, damaged vehicles and used vehicles imported into Nigeria as worrisome. The automotive board assert that, importing faulty vehicles and damaged vehicles has paralyzed the country’s test for prioritizing buying brand new vehicles. Hence, putting the nation’s automobile manufacturing sector particularly, the automobile sub-sector in danger of winding up soon.

At a Press Conference held recently, the Lead sales manager of Honda motors, Remi Adams, lamented on the high import rate of damaged cars and faulty vehicles into the country. The high influx of such vehicles has further sunk the willingness of Nigerians to buy brand new cars. Due to the cheap price of faulty vehicles as compared to buying brand new vehicles, without even weighing the consequence and risk of buying used and faulty vehicle.

The spoke person of Honda motors, Remi Adams further questioned that, “For instance, a brand of new Honda car may be selling for N7,000,000 but the same brand of vehicle that has an accident in USA,UK,CANADA may be sold for N900,000 and you may take the same amount to import, clear and repair the faulty accident car. Now if you put that vehicle in good shape and you are selling it for N3,000,000 for Nigerians, which is even below 50% of the new price. which one do you think average Nigerian people will go for?”

He also added that, the Federal Government had not done enough to ensure the commencement of a Vehicle financing Scheme to encourage Nigerians to purchase brand new vehicles instead of importing damaged and faulty vehicle, “you see government is not serious with this thing. How can people buy brand new cars when the capacity to purchase is not there?

In a recent briefing, the Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment, Otunba Richard, said the Nation’s Automotive Industry Policy is currently under review to enable more input from stakeholders and regulations on importing faulty vehicles into Nigeria to commence soon.

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