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As at 30th of January, 2020, Innoson motors chairman meets with the undergraduate student who proposed a logo redesign to Innoson motors via social media platform. Certainly, the use of social media has got its downside just like every other innovative idea. But when it is positively harnessed for growth and development purposes, it can really make a big difference and turns small thoughts into a big profitable idea that brings an obscure personality to limelight.

The proposed Innoson motors logo by Farouq Osuolale. An undergraduate of University of Ibadan got the attention of many social media users, as he avails the social media platform to propose a logo redesign for Innoson motor around October 2019.

Innoson motors

Few weeks following the social media awareness of his proposed Innoson motor logo, the student got an official invitation from Innoson motor to meet with their Chairman on the 30th of January, 2020.

According to Farouq, who took to his Instagram page to write about the update of his meeting with Innoson motors Chairman as follows;

“On the 30th of January, 2020. After a tour around @officialinnosonvehicles‘ factory, which was eye-opening. I met with the Chairman, Dr. Innocent Chukwuma, at his home in Nnewi, Anambra.
The meeting started at a good pace. We talked, laughed, and the chairman commended me for a job well done on the logo.

However, he mentioned that he won’t be using the logo now. He explained that this is because a rebrand is going to be a costly project for a manufacturing company like Innoson. Stating the factors, it’s quite understandable why. A rebrand will surely be of significant effect and can only be done if a specific target can be met *which is why the company needs every Nigerians’ support*.

Not to leave out the fact that I was well-compensated, and he encouraged me to keep working, doing what I do best – Branding. I did show him the other designs (see some below) I made for the company, and he said the organization would have me aboard whenever a new project takes place.
In all, I made new friends and got to understand how things work there too.

With this, I’ll implore every Nigerian to support them in any way they can; that way, we get to progress together, which will also boost our standard as a nation.
I also use this opportunity to appreciate every single person that made this moment possible for me. Without you guys, I wouldn’t have gotten here. I sincerely appreciate it.

I’m still your guy Osuolale Farouq. You want that new, professional touch with good branding for your company? I’m just a call/dm away.
Thank you guys!”

Congratulations to the young dude, social media has scored another positive goal in his brand identity development career, once again. You can get in touch with him for your brand identity project needs on Instagram @theonlyfarouq

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