Kenya Airways flights to the UK have been suspended with effect starting from April 9th. Kenya was added to the UK’s “red list” of nations, preventing most passengers from traveling and ordering a hotel quarantine. In expectation of elevated traffic due to the ban, the Airline plans to run additional services for the next three days.

Kenya Airways will cease all passenger flights to and from the United Kingdom on April 9th, according to CGTN Africa. The date falls on the same day that the United Kingdom adds Kenya to its “red list” of countries where travel is severely limited.

Kenya Airways flights

However, the Kenyan government intervened and decided to ban flights rather than reduce frequency. Kenya retaliated against the United Kingdom’s travel ban by canceling all flights to the country and imposing new limits on UK visitors.

Passengers will be affected in the future as a result of the flight reductions. Only British and Irish nationals, as well as those with residency status, will be able to fly to the UK after 4:00 a.m. on April 9th, according to the UK’s travel ban. Many that fulfill this requirement must remain in a government-approved quarantine hotel for 10 days and submit two negative samples before being allowed to leave. Travelers who may not complete the quarantine or who violate the rules can face prison time.

Kenya’s government has blasted the UK for enforcing the travel ban, accusing it of failing to connect. The decision to reduce flights, on the other hand, would make travel more inconvenient for Kenyans and the few who do travel to the UK.

Kenya Airways flights

Kenya Airways is officially launching two more flights to the UK on April 7th and 8th in anticipation of the travel ban. When seats become available and cost increase, the services can assist travelers looking to reach the UK or head home in finding tickets. Under travel bans, however, demand is very likely to outstrip availability.

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