Lagos traffic

Lagos traffic can be a big mess especially during the week days. Off course, almost everyone wants to get to their destination all at once. If you have got a very important function to attend in Lagos, here are few tips to efficiently managing Lagos traffic.

Early Morning Plans

As we all know, waking up as early as possible is one of the most common way of beating traffic. The struggle to be up and running as early as possible can be overwhelming especially on a consecutive stressful day.

wake up early to avoid

You can alternatively set an alarm before going to bed at night, to minimize the chances of running late in the morning.

Avoid Doing Office Task at Home

Majority of workers in Lagos work 7 to 8 hours daily and probably get home late. Upon getting home late, some people still feel the need to fix up some office task before going to bed, in preparation for the next day work. And the cycle goes on like that till weekend, the best advice you can work on is to drop all office related task at the office and go home for quality rest.

work life balance to manage

There can hardly be a phase in this life where you have free time for quality sleep and enjoyment, your best bet is to enjoy your quality time as the life journey goes on. Early to bed is early to rise and plan ahead of Lagos traffic.

Proximity Factor

As a worker in Lagos, it might first seem difficult to live in a closer location to your workspace but, close proximity location might be the gateway to efficiently managing Lagos traffic. Also, if you have just a day or a week function to attend on a specific location in Lagos, you should try consider lodging in a nearby hotel closer to the location.

Lodging in a nearby hotel will help you minimize traffic and avoid early morning craziness that comes with driving or boarding a commercial vehicle in Lagos.

Google Map and Live Traffic Updates

Smartphones have made traffic management easier. You can easily check your regular route for live traffic update and alternative routes with Google Map application. If you are a radio station fan, you can keep it live with some radio stations that give live updates on Lagos traffic management.

Consider Water Ways

If you are living or have a function to attend on some part of Lagos state, considering ferry or boat transport could be a better option to avoiding Lagos traffic.

Lagos boat transport

Its rare, if not impossible to meet traffic on water ways, considering ferries when necessary could at least safe unnecessary road traffic stress.

Schedule Off-Traffic Trip

Scheduling off-traffic movement can be a great way to avoid Lagos traffic, for example.

driving off Lagos traffic

Larger percentage of workers you see on Lagos Island do live on mainland, as such traffic inflow to Lagos Island tends to be very massive in the morning, while there will be little to no traffic outflow from Lagos Island in the morning, vice-versa. So, if you are able to schedule an off-traffic trip, it could be one of the best ways to avoid Lagos traffic.

Living or working in Lagos state is not really easy as it seems, but hey! You’ve got to make money. If you’re able to work by the above tips, you should have less stress in managing Lagos traffic. Thanks!  

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