Lamborghini Urus price in Nigeria is yet to have an average price due to the fluctuating custom clearance cost. Lamborghini Urus is one of the world’s fastest luxurious SUVs.

The Lamborghini Urus is the outcome of that happens when the producer of the planet’s most amazing supercars turns its hand to an enormous five-entryway family vehicle with legitimate ground freedom and rough terrain capacity. On paper it’s a conflict of purposes, in actuality, it’s a mouth-watering prospect.

Lamborghini urus price in Nigeria

Who doesn’t cherish a Lamborghini? Lamborghini used to be the vehicle just famous people and pop stars could ride in, however damn, Lamborghini is bringing to take ordinary on the Lagos highways. Of the models at any point made by the Italian brand the Aventador and Huracan-, the Urus stands apart among them.

The Lamborghini Urus accounts for more than one individual to appreciate the cheerful ride it guarantees. Lamborghini Urus is getting progressively famous among Nigerians.

Lamborghini Urus price in Nigeria as at 2021

Lamborghini Urus 2021$220,125#90M
Lamborghini Urus 2020$207,326#83M
Lamborghini Urus 2019$200,000#80M
Lamborghini Urus 2018$180,000#70M
Lamborghini Urus price in Nigeria

What might be said about unfamiliar used or tokunbo models? All things considered, sadly as of now, it is hard to get a used Lamborghini Urus Models in Nigeria.

There is sufficient legroom just as headroom in the Lamborghini Urus, in any event, for six-footers. There are additional pockets to a great extent so you can save your little things for long road trips. The 2021 Lamborghini Urus arrives in a solitary trim level, however, you can generally tailor it to accommodate your taste.

Lamborghini urus price in Nigeria

The Urus imparts base segments to other extravagant vehicles like the Bentley, Porsche, and Audi models. Standard highlights you will discover incorporate the following features:

  • 21-inch wheels
  • Carbon-ceramic brakes
  • Rear-axle torque-vectoring system plus four-wheel steering (enhances cornering agility)
  • Adjustable air suspension system
  • Active roll control (minimizes body roll when cornering)
  • Adaptive LED headlights
  • Power-adjustable, heated front seats
  • Digital instrument cluster
  • Dual-screen infotainment system
  • Navigation system
  • Wireless device charging
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
Lamborghini urus price in Nigeria

Every Urus including the 2019, 2020, 2021 model also comes standard with:

  • Adaptive cruise control (maintains a driver-set distance between the Urus and the vehicle in front)
  • Blind-spot monitoring (alerts you if a vehicle in the next lane over is in your blind spot)
  • Head-up display (displays important information in your sightline onto the windshield)

The Lamborghini Urus is the insane combination of a supercar that is totally incredible and remarkable on rough terrain. It is the sort of vehicle you can drive to a luxury event. Kindly visit our HOME PAGE for more interesting vehicle updates.