Lexus Gx 460 price in Nigeria varies based on several factors to be discussed in this post. The Lexus GX is an excellent Hybrid is set between the RX hybrid and full-size rough terrain vehicles – LX SUVs.

It was fabricated generally dependent on the foundation of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado with a four-wheel-drive format and fueled by Toyota’s 4.7l, 32-valve, 4-cam 2UZ-DE V8 motor. This arrangement was first presented in 2002 with the arrival of Lexus GX470.

Overview of Lexus Gx 460

Lexus Gx 460 price in Nigeria

This extravagance medium size SUV turned into a hit in vehicle markets across the globe just after its dispatch, and the Nigerian auto market was not forgotten about. With eye-discovering body styling highlights and comfortable insides, GX470 has kept up its prevalence in the Nigerian market till date. In any case, the creation of this auto model ground to a halt in 2009, making ready to the appearance of its descendent – Lexus GX460.

In light of the past stage for GX470 and Lexus Gx 460 price in Nigeria, Lexus GX460 grows more auto advancements to improve its first-rate quality, stylish features and execution strength. GX460 joins new, exceptionally liked wellbeing highlights including Pre-Crash Framework, path takeoff cautioning framework, Driver Observing Framework, and Lexus Enform with Security Interface telematics.

Brand New Lexus Gx 460 price in Nigeria

2021 Lexus Gx 460#40M+
2020 Lexus Gx 460#37M+
2019 Lexus Gx 460#35M+
2018 Lexus Gx 460#30M+
2017 Lexus Gx 460#24M+
Lexus Gx 460 price in Nigeria

Individuals are stunned that the Lexus GX is rough terrain commendable. The model has 263 strength and 323 pound-feet of force from its 4.7-litre V8 motor. The GX is the ideal overall influence, size, and seats. The extravagance inside is good to beat all. The vehicle is helped by a decent blend of size and force. Some wilderness rompers wail over the 4Runner’s low force.

Used Lexus Gx 460 price in Nigeria

2015 Lexus Gx 460#13M+
2013 Lexus Gx 460#10M+
2009 Lexus Gx 460#7M+
2008 Lexus Gx 460#7M+
2007 Lexus Gx 460#6M+

Lexus Gx 460 features and merits
Lexus Gx 460 price in Nigeria

The Lexus GX flaunts high form quality not many inconveniences are accounted for. See some underneath  

•  Decent rough terrain capacity in a section to a great extent without it

•  Seating position gives a decent perspective out and about

•  Easy-to-utilize inside controls

•  Cargo limit and back seat space are both traded off

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