local flights in Nigeria

Passengers of Local flights in Nigeria and even some other foreign flights are experiencing series of challenges and delays due to climatic changes. The delay was said to have adversely affected many business travelers abroad who were rushing back to Nigeria to take advantage of current valentine sales.

The climatic changes and harmattan hays have caused flight cancellation and delays in the Nigerian Aviation sector, delaying foreign and local flights in Nigeria throughout this week. The harmattan hay has led to poor visibility for the pilots intending to fly planes in or out of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos State, Nigeria.

One of the British flights that was expected to arrive Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos State, Nig. on Sunday had to be diverted to Ghana due to the climatic change in Nigeria with passengers of the airline stranded at Ghana since then. The said British flight is still yet to arrive in Nigeria as at today. Several flight cancellations and delays have also affected flights from Qatar Airways, Delta Airways, Emirates Airways, Air Peace and KLM were affected. Flights from Virgin airways were however not affected by the climatic change.

Airways firm like Air Peace and Arik had to issue an immediate weather advisory notice to all their customers to minimize order cancellations, as the foggy harmattan hay worsened on Wednesday, Jan 12, 2020. The cancellation of scheduled Air Peace flights and delays in flight takeoff have been ongoing for the past four days in this week.

Both Air Peace’s Corporate Communications Spoke person, Mr. Stanley Olisa and Arik Air’s Communications Spoke person, Mr. Adebanji Ola confirmed the flight cancellations and delays, stating that the immediate cancellation and delay actions were necessary for safety of life and properties.

Also, the Airline management agency added that, safety measures in airline schedules are more prioritized over every other measure for local flights in Nigeria.

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