The new Mercedes-Benz X-Class might just be the most fascinating-looking example we’ve ever seen. It has a Pickup Design, the track-focused division of Carlex Design, and was also given a lot of exterior and interior modifications. The first thing noticed on the pickup vehicle is the two-tone paint scheme. The Mercedes Benz X-Class’s body is painted in gloss white, apart from the upper part of the body which has a shade of brown. A host of other brown accents are can be seen across the exterior, including a strip along with the doors that indicate the vehicle as to the Yachting Edition.

The interior of the Mercedes Benz X-Class looks unlike any other. It has a wooden intonation on the dashboard and steering wheel, elements such as the seat bolsters, handbrake, center console, and parts of the door panels have been designed in brown leather. Other parts, like the upper door trims, upper dashboard, and steering wheel grips are designed in brown Alcantara. These modifications might not be the most practical for a potential buyer that could use the X-Class for work, but it is definitely one way to attract attention at the workplace.

Now, creating a new car from scratch is a very expensive business, so if there is a way to reduce those costs, it’s worth looking into. So if the Mercedes Benz X-Class is starched, it will be found that a lot of it is actually the aforementioned Nissan Navara. Same 2.3-liter Renault-developed turbo diesel, same ladder frame chassis, same switchable 4wd system with low range, etc.

On the surface, Mercedes has done a great job of hiding this fact. Until you get to the far end of the double cab, the Mercedes Benz X-Class looks really unique in its own style, well-aligned with the rest of Mercedes’s commercial and passenger car range.

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