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Generally, everyone has their own preferred choice of car color. According to a recent study from iSeeCars that revealed the most popular car colors. White is the first most popular car color with Black coming in a close second position.

The study, take into consideration of 9.4 million cars on the road as the research survey inputs. The researcher makes used of car colors and which country it was sold to determine the most popular nationwide, in each country, and even by metro areas.

According to the study, the color trend followed closely to the national trend with white being the most popular car color and black being second-most popular car color.

Most Popular Car Colors

Rank     Color     Share

1            White   26.6%

2            Black     21.6%

3            Silver     16.9%

4            Gray      14.2%

5            Red       10.3%

6            Blue      6.0%

7            Brown  2.1%

8            Green   0.8%

9            Beige     0.8%

10          Gold      0.3%

Gray-scale colored cars (white, black, gray, and silver) account for 77.1% of all vehicles on the road. White is the most preferred car color for most car buyers, accounting for 23.9 percent of all vehicles. Apple company also helped popularize the white color with their series of white iPhone launch, and consumers with luxury taste may associate it with being in style.

Black car color closely rank second at 23.2%, followed by gray color in third and silver color in fourth. Majority of consumers tends to prefer gray-scale colored cars from a practical durability standpoint of view since, gray-scale colored cars are less likely to fade off as compared to other colors. 

On the other hand, popular non-gray scale colored cars are red and blue taking the fifth and sixth position respectively. Non-gray scale color cars are mostly common with sport car brands, so sporty drivers tend to opt for red and blue.

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