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Car accessories in Nigeria are one of the fast-selling product lines recently, the latest car coating technology spray is one of the most sought after car accessories in Nigeria.

car accessories in nigeria

It’s 2020! And It’s Very Important To Leverage On The New Technological Car Accessories To Enhance Your Car Durability.


  • #1 – 100% Non-Toxic Water-Based Solution.
  • #2 – Restores Car Paint Brightness, Leather, Vinyl, Plastic And Other Car Surfaces.
  • #3 – Long-Lasting Protective Shining Coat Visible For Minimum Of 1 to 2 Years.
  • #4 – A Non-Greasy Spray That Leaves An Impressive Finish With No Odour.
  • #5 – Works Well On All Car Colours.
  • #6 – Restore wheels colour, chrome, paint, metal, plastic, rubber, leather, engine cover, and even carpet.
  • #7 – Hydrophobic & Stainproof coating features.
  • #8 – Provides a superior depth of shine by combating corrosion and damages from high solar radiation, outdoor exposure, dust, acid rain and others.
  • #9- No Need For Daily or Weekly Washing Of Your Cars, Just Wiping Of Dust With A Rag Or Towel Will Keep It Shining And Neat.
  • #10- Easy To Apply Without The Need Of Paying Anyone To Apply It.

Long-Lasting High-Performance Coating Spray that Protects Your Car From Inevitable Scratches and Renovates both the Car Interior and Exterior Components. Car accessories in Nigeria with a combo package of other relevant accessories below.


car accessories in Nigeria

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