Step 1:  Exterior Application: Wash your car exterior area carefully and be sure it is free from sand and other visible particles. 

Interior Application: Wipe and clean the interior surface area carefully and be sure it is free from dust and other visible particles.                                                                                                         

STEP2: Carefully dry-out the intended surface area and be sure it is free from moisture and particles.        

STEP3: Get a dry microfiber cloth or soft face towel; shake the nano-coating bottle and spray directly on the car surface. Then, immediately use the face towel to spread the spray evenly across the car surface until it is clear.                                                                                                                                

STEP4: Wait for 10 minutes for the nano-coating to bond with the car surface.                                           

STEP5: Using a new separate microfiber cloth or soft face towel, thoroughly buff the surface until it is evenly clean and clear. Try not to use the previous towel or a moist towel to ensure an evenly bright surface. The Coating process is done. You may want to consider keeping your car under shade for a few hours after applying the coating spray.                                                                                                                                                                         

The Nano coating spray contains 120ML Coating Liquid. The ideal recommended volume of spray to coat the exterior area of a car or SUV is around 50ML. The remaining spray can be used on the car interior components or can be kept for future use. Spraying too much beyond the recommended volume may reduce the coating brightness. Also, you may want to consider applying additional coating layers for increased durability, depth and protection. However, you have to allow a minimum of 24 hours interval before applying another coating layer for the coating to be appropriately layered. Nano coating is the secret of all luxury cars and SUVs you do see once in a while on the highways.

AUTO EMERGENCY TOOL: The safety and survival tool, help users to cut a jammed seat belt and break a tempered side window glass in a vehicle to swiftly escape during emergency and vehicle accident situation.      

NOTE: (I) Do not attempt to try the auto emergency tool on your vehicle unless the need clearly arises during emergency and accident situations, you may visit a spoilt or abandoned vehicle park to try the product if you need to try it. (II)  The product should only be used by or make available to 18+ years old individuals only, you’re fully responsible for whatever you choose to do with the auto emergency tool.                                     

HD VISION GLASS: (1) Improves driving vision and it is a perfect aid for driving at night/rainy day/sunny day/foggy & long travel. (2) Increase the safety factor of driving hereby, minimizing the chances of accident and can be used on a prescription glass. (3) Excellent UV protection, anti-glare, anti-reflective, anti-fatigue, Unisex glass.

DASHBOARD CLEANING BRUSH: (1) Great for car AC vent and blinds cleaning. (2) Precise brush design to cleaning the dashboard components easily and effortlessly.