Tesla’s Model S will be the first car to prove that electric vehicles could be fun to drive, friendly, viable as everyday transportation, and even useable for long trips. The Model S does all that even better for 2021. Depending on which trim you choose, the Model S can travel between 390 and 520 miles on just one charge and deliver intense acceleration performance that rivals some of the world’s best supercars. Tesla now sells more practical and more affordable models but the Model S remains the forerunner of the brand. Its interior is spacious for four adults but doesn’t live up to the luxury price tag. With increased pressure from rivals such as the BMW M5, the Model S is no longer in a class of one, but for some buyers the car’s absurd driving mode, and exceptional range are enough to sell them on the Tesla EV lifestyle.

Also on tap for 2021 is an updated interior. The original vertical screen orientation in the Model S is no more. The 2021 features a horizontally oriented touchscreen, which is the style Tesla implemented on its Model 3 and Y. There’s also an additional dash-mounted driver information display above the steering wheel and an entertainment display for rear passengers. 

The 2021 Tesla Model S is a five-passenger electric luxury sedan. Two variants are currently available: Long Range and Performance.

With the Model S, we recommend the base trim, the Long Range. As its name suggests, it has a longer range than the Performance model, a total of 412 miles by Tesla’s estimates. It’s also considerably cheaper than the Performance without giving up a whole lot. It’s eligible for all the same options as the upper trim levels, but it’s less expensive and acceleration is still impressive. If you want sheer face-shattering performance

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