Nigeria driver license

The recent increase in the number of road accidents in Nigeria has led to the background investigation of Nigeria drivers license issuance. In a recent global crash report, Nigeria was reported to be among one of the top countries with a significant number of illiterate drivers plying the highways. There are millions of Nigeria driver’s license holder who do not understand even 10% of the road markings and traffic signs, drivers who can not easily understand the symbols on their own vehicle’s dashboard.

It is here in Nigeria, where we have majority of drivers moving around without a copy of the highway code guide. Majority of drivers do not have the guide, not to even think of knowing the guide’s content or understanding the responsibilities and limitations of drivers at every point in time on the highways. Yet majority of these drivers dangerously operates on the highways, manifesting their ignorance in form of unnecessary speeding, aggressive driving and overtaking, violating other road users right and other safety measures violation on the road.

The Nigeria government has been on a background investigation to minimize the persistent increase of road crash cases. As part of the governments proactive measures to reduce the persistent accident on the highways, there is an urgent need to re-orientate the Nigeria drivers license issuing body. There will be a strict measure for new driver’s license issuance without any form of compromise.

Subsequent to the re-orientation, there should be no more drivers license issuance to illiterate applicants. Especially those who cannot read and write and with at least the elementary knowledge of computer operations to identify electronic road signs.   

The Nigeria’s constitution provided that Nigerians should possess at least basic education, that is considered to be free. So, anyone without a basic education to properly read and write should go for other less tasking menial jobs and stop posing threat to other motorist safety as a driver.

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