Paul Walker’s BMW M1 is a rare and unique car. Recently, we found out the M1 once owned by the late actor, who tragically perished with his friend and business partner Roger Rodas in a car crash back in November 2013, was put up on sale. At the time of that writing, the highest bid reached $350k but the final price tag was significantly higher.

The winning bid is now official: $500k. The car being Paul Walker’s BMW M1 is certainly not the only reason why this particular M1 was sold for half a million dollars.

BMW’s mid-engine supercar was already a spectacular authorized special that was in the final analysis little more than a race car for the road. AHG’s qualifications took it to the next level, massaging another nearly 75 horsepower out of the engine (for a total of approximately 350) and decorating the car with a unique body kit. 

After taking a look back at some previous sales and auctions, we had the feeling that Paul Walker’s BMW M1 could go for quite a bit more money just based on its celebrity connection. This particular car shows some fascinating designs, especially on the inside.

Many other vehicles have also since gone to auction and sold for a similar amount of money. We doubt the buyer cared much about Paul Walker’s BMW M1’s minor wear and tear, which is to be expected for any vehicle that’s over 40 years old and has 42,000 miles on its clock.

The new owner’s identity remains unknown. We just hope the car doesn’t go extinct forever into a private collection, never to be driven. Walker didn’t own the car for long, but chances are they each took it for a spin more than once.

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