petrol car ban

United Kingdom is already at the forefront of revolutionizing the automobile sector to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Petrol car ban is gradually taking effect in the UK. The Great Britain Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced on Tuesday that, the Kingdom will bring forward a total ban on the sales of new petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles in 2035.

The Prime Minister was to earlier make the announcement at an event launching the 2019 United Nations Climate Change Conference ‘’COP26” which was held in Glasgow in November. The Great Britain has pledged to reduce green environment gas emissions to net-zero by year 2050, with a cuts and off-setting pollution measures like planting more trees and other environmentally friendly acts.

The Prime Minister added that “Hosting COP26 is an important opportunity for the United Kingdom and other Nations across the globe to step up in the fight against climate change and gradual movement on petrol car ban” He also added that, “As the Great Britain set out the plans to hit the ambitious 2050 net-zero gas emission target across the years. So, we shall urge other Nations to join us in pledging net zero gas emissions. 2020 will be the year we fully turn on the tide on global warming, it will be the year where we decide a cleaner and greener future.”

The Great Britain Prime Minister urge other countries to join Britain in striving towards the 2050 net-zero gas emissions movement through investment in cleaner automobile technologies. And more efforts to protect natural habitats to be more sustainable and outlive the human race.

Edmund King, president of Britain’s AA motoring association, added that the new target on eco-friendly car sales will be incredibly challenging to the automobile sector. Edmund said, “We must question whether we will have a sufficient supply of a full cross-section of zero gas emissions vehicles in less than 15 years from now,” He also use the medium to urged the governments Nationwide to cut down the sales tax levied on electric eco-friendly vehicle to make it more affordable to average income earners.

In conclusion, everyone should be concerned about environmental sustainability by planning towards switching to an eco-friendly vehicle before the petrol car ban fully takes effect.

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