pirates attack

Pirates attack! A group of armed pirates off Bayelsa was reported to have attacked a container ship belonging to Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC). The ship was fired upon nineteen nautical miles South West Bayelsa.

The IMB ‘’International Maritime Bureau” piracy reporting center reported. About fifteen armed pirates chased the ship in a speed boat and shoot sporadically on the ship. The major crew on the ship raised an emergency alarm to other crew members to immediately take shelter in the ship’s citadel.

The ‘’IMB’’ piracy reporting center added that “The ship captain increased the speed and the armed naval guard onboard on the ship returned fire at the pirate speed boat. Further resulting in the skiff abort of the pirate attack safely,”

IMB piracy reporting center did not reveal the exact name of the ship. However, AIS data points to MSC Grace being the targeted ship under pirate attack. MSC is yet to give an account on the attack. Both the ship/vessel and its crew members are reported to be safe. 

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In a related report, Pirates have released eight crew members abducted from the Greek tanker Happy Lady back in December 2019. As the vessel was forcefully anchored off the sea port of Limboh area in Cameroon, on the Gulf of Guinea.

The eight crew members, including the ship’s 45 years old captain, were released. Following a successful negotiations and ransom conclusion with the pirates, the Greek shipping ministry added in a statement.

The ‘’IMB’’ Piracy Reporting Centre reported, an unprecedented increase in the numbers of crew member attack by pirates in 2019 in the Gulf of Guinea area, with the number of kidnapped crew member cases increasing more than 50 percent every year. Ship/Vessel companies are thereby advised to provide more security measures for all crew members on board from the increase attacks from pirate members.

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