The Polydrops Company’s started back in 2017 when married couple Kyunghyun Lew and “J” Cha quitted architectural design and started working on a compact trailer prototype. Forcing interest from electric-vehicle drivers and a year of increased demand due to the coronavirus pandemic, the couples came up with this off-grid, angular teardrop-style trailer meant to be towed by an Electric Vehicle. The Polydrop trailer is also called the P17A, the space-capsule trailer features gullwing entry doors, solar panels on the roof and, batteries built into the floor that generates energy to the LED lights and appliances, which also includes an air conditioner, heater, fridge, induction cooktop, and a 110-volt outlet.


The Polydrop trailer starts at $24,990 and can be upgraded with a kitchenette module for $1850 and also a built-in Bluetooth speaker for $500. The base P17A comes with 260W solar panels and 2.4 kWh of LiFePO4 batteries that can be charged from the solar panels. The solar panels can be upgraded to 520W for $800, and the battery capacity can be upgraded up to 12 kWh. A 4.8-kWh battery costs extra money for about $2000, while the full 12 kWh costs about $8000. Polydrops claims that a full charge of the 12.0-kWh battery can power all components of the vehicle including a 5000-BTU air conditioner, heater, fridge, induction cooktop for six nights or more.


The trailer uses a light aluminum frame and an exterior with an anodized aluminum finish. The cozy Baltic birch interior is big enough to fit a full-size mattress and a micro closet at the back. The kitchenette is accessible from inside the camper or from the outside when the rear hatch is opened. Some features added to the kitchenette include an induction stovetop, a 20-liter fridge, and a hand-pump sink with a 1.6-gallon freshwater tank.


The exterior of the Polydrop Trailer calculate about 13 feet seven inches long, six feet wide, and five feet three inches tall, and the weight of the trailer is about 1200 pounds. Polydrops designs and produces or manufactures its trailers in California.

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