Electric cars are one of the latest types of cars powered by electricity, meaning you don’t have to spend money anymore on petrol. While electric cars like Tesla models, Nissan Leaf, KIA Soul, etc are being widely accepted as the normal type of car in other parts of the world, the question we might have to consider is; can you own or purchase an electric car in Nigeria?. Now let me know what to consider before purchasing an electric car in Nigeria.

Electric cars aren’t like hybrid cars or gasoline-powered cars, where you have stopped at a filling or fuel station to refuel your car before it keeps you going. This tells us that owning an electric car will demand you to constantly charge the car to ride around with it.  Most electric cars have a charging cable that allows the owner to charge at home if they wish to. A single charge overnight is able to top the battery about 80% or even give it a full charge for most Electric vehicles. Things to consider before purchasing an electric car in Nigeria are stated below.


Electric cars are extraordinary models of cars with uncommon features. For example, in Tesla cars, there is an Autopilot System that offers full-time drivers assistance to steer, accelerate, and brake, etc on its own accord, and also features like a touch-screen dashboard that offers details on how to operate the car are also included. In Nigeria currently, engineers and mechanics don’t have the knowledge to maintain or fix any brands of electric cars. Therefore, if there is any kind of problem with an electric vehicle in Nigeria and there is no engineer to fix or repair it then it will have to be shipped to the manufacturer of the car.


The best kind of roads to enjoy and ride and electric car smoothly is a road free of bumps, potholes and traffic congestion. But most of Nigeria roads are so bad that it won’t allow the an electric car work smoothly.


The dealerships for most electric cars in Nigeria are not well known yet. This is one reason why getting the spare parts of an electric car in Nigeria is nearly impossible.

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