Various vehicle safety features have been unfolded over decades, helping to reduce accidents and the number of survivable accidents. Now that even more advanced safety features have been added to cars, driver safety is expected to improve vastly. Below are three of the recent advancements in automotive technology that will keep drivers and passengers safe.

Automatic Sensors and Lane Change Assist

One main cause of car crashes is sudden or risky lane changes. When roads are in poor condition and weather conditions are a factor, drivers have to depend even more on automotive safety features to make it to their destinations safely. Sadly, when you turn on your turn signal before changing lanes not all drivers are paying attention. More car accidents are being avoided because of these new features such as lane change assist. In cars that have lane change assist, drivers are notified if there is another car present in the other lane they want to change into. This type of safety feature is good for avoiding crashes.

Emergency Braking Technology

A lot of lawsuits have been filed in the aftermath of dangerous auto wrecks. Emergency braking technology in vehicles is proving to be important in the reduction of car accidents. A sensor is installed with a car that automatically breaks and slows vehicles down, reducing the impact of two vehicles.

Back-Up Cameras

Parallel parking can be a hard task for drivers. Even though car accidents that occur when drivers are trying to park are minor, recent advancements in automotive technology such as back-up assist features are very helpful when avoiding pedestrians. Rear back-up cameras also sense blockage, so the driver doesn’t have to be concerned with hitting any objects or pedestrians who may have moved in the way. Using a back-up camera each time you put your car in reverse will keep you safe from minor or major accidents.

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