2021, Sondors Company amazed the automobile world with the unveiling of its highly sophisticated Sonders Metacycle, an electric motorcycle that cost $5,000.

The electric motorcycle has some unique features which are not found in conventional metacycles. One of these amazing features is its removable 4-kWh battery pack.

In report gathered through a follow-up interview with Storm Sonders and Matt Irish, the removable battery weighed around 54 lb (24.5 kg) and would be very easy to remove. In a video released by SONDORS, it demonstrates how the battery actually comes out from the bottom of the electric motorcycle. An unseen handle has its place on the top rear edge of the battery, which permits the rider to walk off with the battery held just like a briefcase.


The rider in the video does a fantastic job of making it not look like the battery weighs over 50 pounds. Such a heavy battery is required for SONDORS to achieve the Metacycle’s claimed range of 80 miles (130 km). According to sources, the 80-mile figure of the Sondors metacycle is calculated at an average speed of around 40-45 mph (64-72 km/h). Sondors released a range-testing video last month displaying the Metacycle traveling around 48 miles (77 km). The traveling was on the Pacific Coast Highway with 20% of battery capacity left.

The negative space in the frame will eventually offer three various accessory packages. These includes a 3 kWh auxiliary battery, a Level 2 fast charger, and also a storage box. Or owners of the metacycle can leave the space open to keep the bike’s unique look. Sondors expects the first batch of Metacycles delivery by Q4 2021.  The delivery process would come with pre-orders for subsequent batches carrying a 2022 estimated delivery.

The company recently declared that production was running ahead of schedule. In the meantime, it has since opened up pre-orders for delivery in late 2021 again.

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