Suzuki Minibus are broadly accessible in Nigeria. The Suzuki minibus is available for purchase in Lagos, Abuja, and other urban areas where vehicle sales centers are plenty. Discussing Suzuki minibus prices in Nigeria, there are very few decisions for purchasers to make.

Suzuki Motor Corporation is a Japanese company whose headquarters can be located in Minami-Ku, Japan. Suzuki Motor Corporation makes autos, vehicles, bikes, off-road vehicles, detachable marine motors, wheelchairs, and other little inward ignition motors. In 2016, Suzuki Motor was the eleventh greatest automaker in the world. Suzuki has more than 45,000 workers and has over 35 creation offices in 23 different countries and 133 wholesalers in 192 countries.

The primary generation of Suzuki Carry van was turned out in October 1961. The model made use of an air-cooled 2-stroke two-chamber, creating 21 hp as it were. The motor was then renovated with a three-chamber form which was likewise embraced for Suzuki Jimny to arrive at 76 km/h at max.

It’s was until the fourth generation that huge adjustments were made to the minibus structure. This period saw the launching of 2 opening side entryways alongside a top-pivoted back door. The 5-entryway configuration looked absolutely balanced with almost similar styles for both front and backside. This model additionally exhibits all the more impressive motor having a maximum speed of 95 km/h.

Fairly used Suzuki Minibus Prices In Nigeria

ModelRetail price
Suzuki 2000650,000 – 900,000
Suzuki 2001650,000 – 950,000
Suzuki 2002700,000 – 1 million
Suzuki 2003700,000 – 1 million
Suzuki 2005850,000 – 1 million
Suzuki 20131.4 million – 1.7 million

New Suzuki Minibus Prices In Nigeria

ModelSuggested retail price
Suzuki 2WD manual transmission₦4.5 million
Suzuki 4WD manual transmission₦5.3 million
Suzuki 2WD automatic transmission₦4.9 million
Suzuki 4WD automatic transmission₦5.6 million

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