Tata International Africa introduced a new warranty of five years for its medium, heavy and extra-heavy commercial vehicles.

This all-new five-year warranty is only applicable to the full range of Tata Trucks and Buses and also applicable to Daewoo Trucks in all 12 markets in which Tata International Africa operates.

The Chief Executive Officer of Tata International Africa, Len Brand, said the newly introduced five-year warranty on the commercial vehicle range strengthens the company’s commitment to improving customer ownership experience.


The newly introduced warranty goes a long way towards Tata International Africa’s aim of offering an enhanced lifecycle that benefits its customers. So, even though a customer is in Nigeria, Kenya or South Africa, or any other country in which Tata operates, they will have the same advantages and benefits in terms of the warranty.

The newly introduced five-year warranty is only applicable to all Tata and Daewoo commercial vehicles registered on or after January 1, and it is also supported across Tata International Africa’s dealership and service network including 450 touchpoint outlets and service facilities across Africa.

An added benefit according to Tata international Africa, is that if an owner needs to sell his/her vehicle, they will enjoy a very high resale value and the warranty is transferable to a new owner. A warranty of such a benefit gives the customer assurance that the product is powerful, reliable, and durable. Tata has also been successful in introducing retail financing arrangements in 6 African markets.


“We began this journey two years ago, and we are very happy to offer retail financing to our customers in 6 different African countries. Rest assured, 6 is not the end of this journey. We are planning to introduce in all 12 countries in which we operate,” Brand added.

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