tesla model 3 car

Tesla car brand, the American leading electric automotive and energy company recently announced a bug bounty reward program. By offering $1 million and a Tesla car to any hacker or security researcher who can ethically hack their newly launched Model 3 car.


In 2019, a team of security researcher tagged Fluoroacetate was fortunate to detect a vulnerability bug in the Tesla infotainment system. As such, Tesla car rewarded the team of security researchers with a Model 3 car and the total sum of $35, 000 for detecting such vulnerability bug.

Elon Musk, the electric automaker giant stated. The Tesla brand will feature in the 2020 Pwn2Own hacking event, that will hold at Vancouver in March 2020.

Bug hunting bounties and offers greatly assist automobile brands to test and improve on their product security systems. According to several reports from cybersecurity experts, Tesla car is one of the most difficult car security system to hack.

The CEO of TrustedSec Company, David Ken, said; “Tesla car is on the path to be the most secure automobile brand. I don’t think that they are there yet, but I think they’re definitely striving for it”


According to reviews and comments from many automobile enthusiasts. Undoubtedly, Tesla brand functions more like a technology firm than a car maker. The brand is known for having its own customized technological operating system. The brand sends periodic updates to their customer’s car overnight once a bug is detected and fixed. Updates including, new features like raising the ground clearance and top-notch security updates


Therefore, if you’re sure you are a good hacker or an automotive security expert? Its time to come proof yourself to the world. All you need to do is to detect a bug by hacking into the newly launched Tesla car, the model 3 car and stand a good chance to win the offer.

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