Tesla recalls 135,000 Model S and Model X vehicles over touchscreen failures, one of the electric car maker’s largest safety actions.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requested a recall last month, saying the touch screen in some models can seize to work when a memory chip runs out of storage, affecting functions such as defrosting, and driver assistance.

The agency said the problem affected roughly 158,000 vehicles, including Model S built between 2012 and early 2018 and Model X vehicles made from 2016 through early 2018. The recall doesn’t cover vehicles in that group that have already been fixed with a substantial memory chip or an refurbished touch screen

Federal regulators have said that the issue with Tesla’s touch screens can take around five to six years to be clear.

Tesla disagreed with a request made in January by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, but Tesla decided to proceed and recall the vehicles for the interests of efficiently resolving the matter and providing a better experience for the customers.

The recall comes as the auto industry is struggling with a computer chip deficiency that has destabilized production world-wide.

Owners of affected Tesla vehicles recently said that the display on their media control units would sometimes go blank. The touchscreen issues restricted the drivers’ to be able to use heat and air conditioning, defrost and defogging systems in their cars, or to use their rear view cameras and Tesla Autopilot features while parking or driving.

Tesla plans to notify owners whose vehicles have been affected and will replace the component for free while some owners who had paid for media control unit replacements out of their pockets would be able to recover their costs under the expanded warranty.

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