The automotive industry has been growing steadily and even though this growth had some setbacks in 2020 due to the pandemic, analysts project a CAGR of 4.8% for the next five years. This simply means that the global market for automotive motors could possibly reach $25.7 billion in 2025.

Manufacturers of controllers or dashboard used in automobiles are optimistic too. These devices have been used in the automation of different purposes in all types of vehicles. A move toward fuel-efficient technology birthed hybrid cars the most promising products in 2020. Below are the list of what the automotive industry presents to us in 2021.


Self-Driving Vehicles

Self-driving vehicles also described as autonomous vehicles (AVs), won’t need a person behind the wheel to control the vehicle. Autonomous vehicles will make driving much safer. Most accidents are results of human error or negligence. To function well, Autonomous vehicles make use of advanced technologies or modern day technologies such as computer vision, which will allows the vehicle to navigate safely.

Electric Vehicles (EVs)

To reduce the harm of burning fossil fuels, the automotive industry has directed much effort to develop EVs. Battery technology and the availability of a reliable recharging infrastructure are some of the challenges for EVs massive deployment.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Some of the technologies derived from Artificial intelligence includes machine learning and computer vision. These technologies will be will be the root to the implementation of autonomous vehicles. Artificial intelligence has made the process of automotive manufacturing faster and easier.

Data Analytics

Vehicles nowadays will be equipped with software that analyzes data about their performance. Such analysis will supply useful details such as predictive maintenance. This method will definitely reduce maintenance costs and increase safety.

Human-Machine Interface (HMI)


Autonomous vehicles will require a new way to interact with the “driver.” Drivers will be able to give voice commands to their vehicles. In other words, the interaction will be taken place via a touch screen or even through augmented reality. Driving will be more fun and safe with this new upgrade.

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