Replacing parts on a car is less expensive than buying new car in most cases. Moreover, what you will find is that the parts of those car can cost a lot at times and this often means you have to buy used car parts that are on market. 

This is when you should know more tips on buying used car parts. Buying used car parts doesn’t have to be a risky aim, you just need to stay prepared. Below are some useful tips on buying used car parts in Nigeria.


Know What You Need

Know exactly what car part you need before even beginning the search in the market. Make sure you have your car’s manufacturer name, model and year. This will definitely help you get the right parts for your car. If the owner’s manual is still with you then you can always check the part numbers of the components that need replacement.

Inspection and Questions

No matter where you are purchasing from, always inspect a used car part thoroughly, and if possible, take it to a mechanic for a complete inspection after buying the parts. Ask how old the part of the car is, and whether it has been repaired, or modified before. 

Check Online

There are plenty used auto parts website or blog online, so you might have to spend some time surfing any auto part websites that provide those items you need.

Check Local Media

Check newspapers, magazines or website articles to find out more about auto parts on sale within your locality. This is an chance to be sure that you have the right car parts before buying, as you will be able to inspect and compare to any old parts you have.


Take an Expert with You 

If you are not too familiar with car parts, take a trusted mechanic along with you when going to purchase a car part. It is a good idea to have a trusted mechanic by your side when going to make a purchase of any car part. The mechanic will be able to provide invaluable feedback as to the right auto part to buy.

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