Many people would want to buy a brand new car as their cars, something shiny and beautiful, but they are discouraged from doing so because of the amount of money a brand new car costs. Did you know that with just five hundred thousand naira in Nigeria, you can get a car in this Nigeria? That amount of money may be affordable to some, and to some others, it can still be pretty too much for them to afford. I present to you the top 5 affordable cars in Nigeria and their prices. You can also make a choice from any of the cars listed below.

1) Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry brand is one of the most popular cars in Nigeria. It has even been given different nicknames because of its popularity, easy maintenance, and fuel economy. It is also a very comfortable car and easy to use, with in-built safety features, brakes, tires, and engines. In Nigeria, you can get a fairly used, durable, and efficient Toyota Corolla for one million naira or below depending on the model.

2015-2017 model- N1.5 million

2010-2014 model- N1.1 million

2003-2009 model- N850, 000

1996-2002 model- N500, 000

2) Toyota Corolla:

The Toyota Corolla is very affordable on all levels, easy to maintain, fuel-efficiency, and also cheap.  A used Toyota Corolla car can be acquired in Nigeria for around N600, 000 while a Toyota Corolla 2005 model can be acquired for N850, 000.

3) Volkswagen Golf 3 & 4:

Volkswagen Golf is one of the cheapest and affordable cars in Nigeria. The brand is most popular for durability, affordability, and its capability to go through long-distance journeys. The Volkswagen Golf series used to be one of the most admired cars in Nigeria. Averagely, a used Volkswagen Golf 3 & 4 can be acquired with a selling price of N350, 000 to N750, 000.

4) Mercedes Benz C200:

The Mercedes-Benz is a popular car and also an affordable car in Nigeria and the latest models of the brand are luxury cars. The C200 is an astonishing looking car that can be gotten at a cheap price. Mercedes-Benz often related to luxury, which leads people to believe that it can only be acquired by the rich, but a luxury-looking Mercedes Benz C200 can be sold forN850,000 and above, depending on the car dealer.

5) Toyota Sienna 2001:

Talking about a family car, and the Toyota Sienna comes up. The Toyota Sienna is a Sports Utility Vehicle known for giving the comfort and security of its riders. It is a great choice for a large family as a family car, although it does not really have a sleek look, it will do the job of transporting its owners to and fro for a very long time. A used version of the Toyota Sienna 2001 can be acquired in Nigeria for N1 million or more depends on the car dealer.

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