All of us around the world had to adjust to a different routine last year. The coronavirus pandemic threw billions of people’s lives into disarray, causing individuals, businesses, and governments to reinvent routine activities. Vaccines are becoming more widely available, but vaccinating the whole population would be a difficult challenge. That’s when Toyota’s newest invention comes in handy. A special Toyota Land Cruiser 78 with refrigeration capability was developed by Toyota.


On the special SUV that Toyota offered, Toyota partnered with Toyota Tsusho Company and B Medical Systems. The Land cruiser 78 is a commercial version of the Toyota Land Cruiser 70, and the refrigeration system inbuilt would assist in the supply of vaccinations to far-flung areas of the globe. Pre-qualification for the World Health Organization’s Efficiency, Quality, and Safety requirements has also been obtained for the special Land Cruiser. This norm helps policymakers and organizations to easily recognize high-quality medical products. This is particularly significant in developed countries that do not have their own set of standards.

The Toyota Land Cruiser 78 is equipped with a B Medical Systems CF850 vaccine refrigerator, which has a storage capacity of 396 liters and can hold 400 vaccine packets. The refrigerator also has its own battery supply, which allows it to operate for up to 16 hours without fuel, which is an important function for keeping vaccinations cold during transportation. When the car is stationary, it may charge the fridge from an external power source or when driving.


According to Toyota, nearly 20% of vaccines distributed to developed nations were rejected due to a shortage of adequate continuous refrigeration. These areas also lack sufficient road facilities and few solutions for cooling the doses. The coronavirus vaccine would take months to reach a large majority of the world’s population. Vehicles like Toyota’s handy Land Cruiser 78, on the other hand, can help speed up the process while also delivering other vaccinations.

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